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Attention: All Peewee Players and Squirt Players Born in 2008

By SRIHA Board of Directors, 10/07/18, 1:15PM EDT


Please disregard this notice if you've already contacted Steve Olson opting your 2008 Player from moving up to Peewee Level.

Several questions have come up related to the evaluations for Pee Wee's and the 2008 second year squirts that has been posted on the website.  There may also be some people that were unaware of the change this season.  After registration it was evident that there was a very large group of squirt players which left too many for one team, and not enough for 2 teams,  The same situation occurred with the Pee Wee team.  In other words we would have 2 teams of 17-18 players, limiting the play time for games or practices. 

As a board we discussed the opportunity to ask the parents of the 2008 second year squirts if they would be interested in moving up to Pee Wee's.  What this move will do is even the numbers of players to 3 teams of more reasonable number of players 11-12.  In order to get an idea of the level of play and to evaluate how to break up the teams we have scheduled 2 open practices for this upcoming week (refer to the website) for times.   Along with that we have also scheduled 2 more ice slots for next weekend for further evaluation.  We are using these ice slots as an opportunity for the kids to play together and see how comfortable the squirts players are with this change.   

Those players of the 2008 squirts are in no way forced to move up, and if after the practices the players express to you (the parents) they don't want to move up we will certainly accommodate this. 

How we break up the teams (2 blue, 1 white and 1 blue) is still to be determined.  If anyone has any questions about this change please contact Steve Olson 315-529-9782 and he can address your questions.  There will also be a question/answer session at the first practice tomorrow night at 6:30 to follow up on this information.

Thank you,
SRIHA Board of Directors