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Steven Olson over 1 year ago

Preseason work outs at the Sandy Creek Gymnasium started last week. We will be there every Thursday at 7pm, Coach has packets for all players, contact Coach Olson for questions.

Elizabeth Newton about 2 years ago Foo crop icon

Hoping everyone enjoys their hockey family time this weekend and Tuesday! A few reminders: We are collecting 5 cent bottles and cans at the Rink this weekend; please bring your donations. Spread the news on social media and texts about the 5:30-7:30 Christmas themed public skate and NEW game schedule. We hope to see lots of pictures that the schools can share with our family in their ugly sweaters, Santa hats, and reindeer antlers. If you have hats, please bring them and wear them. Have the O-Bay team wear them with their jerseys around the rink. I believe I heard a rumor that Santa might even make an appearance on the ice! The Nicholson Family will be at the 8pm game for the ceremonial puck drop. Please have the team welcome them. Thanks everybody. Go get ‘em tonight!

Steven Olson about 2 years ago

NO power skating tonight there will still be practice at 630-745.

Elizabeth Newton about 2 years ago Foo crop icon

Ontario Bay Booster Club will be sponsoring the O-Bay Senior / Mentor Recognition Night on Thursday, 12/21. Senior families: please check your email for details. Let me know if you have any questions.

Steven Olson over 2 years ago

I am looking for someone that can record our home scrimmage/games. Unfortunately, I do not have a video camera to offer. If we could record them and save to a google drive (or something similar that would be great. Send me a text if you have any ideas.

Steven Olson over 2 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving................. No practice tomorrow or Thursday. Practice FRIDAY MORNING at 8am-945am,

Elizabeth Newton over 2 years ago Foo crop icon

For any families I may miss tonight at the O-Bay family dinner, the Booster Club has sent a copy of the team roster, schedule, and the Public Skate flyer for 12/8 to each of the six schools AD’s requesting that the games get announced each week. As well as asking for the players be interviewed and the public skate be advertised. We have also requested it be put in the SJ Journal, The Pall, Oswego County News, The Queen—all of our our local papers. As a Club we do this every season. If you have affiliates that work in your child’s school district, I beg of you to do the same of the people you know that would assist publicizing in those buildings. At SJ we also post the roster, schedule and any updates such as the public skate and senior night on the kids lockers. We have been granted administration permission for that to be done and have seen attendance boosted due to this. Spread the word on EVERY home game in person, emails and on social media. Our goal is to get student spectators to