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Elizabeth Newton over 4 years ago Foo crop icon

Happy Hockey!

I will be your team representative for your son this year. My contact information will be at the end of this email as well as in the spreadsheet that Coach Derrick has prepared to hand out soon. Owen told me that I have big shoes to fill from past reps. Starting with the need for caramel dip and apples. With that said, I guess I’ll get on that for after Thursday’s practice this week!

Our coaches are of course Derrick Goodnough and Dean Goodnough with Joe Bennett and Steve Olson helping when they can. We have a roster with jersey numbers in the Sports Engine app. Speaking of, if you don’t have this app on your phone, you are missing out. This is the simplest way to obtain info on extended games and practices for our team. I will send weekly emails that will go to your inbox and Sports Engine for changes and upcoming. If we have an immediate concern I will text or put it through the chat section of Sports Engine. Please let me know if these methods do not work for your

Steven Olson almost 5 years ago

Happy spring break...... NO HOCKEY TONIGHT......Not enough people. Sorry try again next week I guess.

Steven Olson almost 5 years ago

Please contact Steve Olson regarding the skills clinic tonight. Need to know who is on vacation as we may need to cancel. Please text Steve at 315-529-9782 to confirm you WILL OR WILL NOT be there.

Steven Olson about 5 years ago

Due to a LONG travel day for the bantams we will be CANCELLING power skating tonight.