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Public Skate Assignments

By Karen Dalin, 10/18/18, 2:45PM EDT



Good Afternoon - 

As you know, at the time of registration, all parents signed an agreement to fund raise for our association by working Public Skate. The funds received from Public Skate keeps our non-profit, hockey association in business for our children and all future hockey players in our communities. It is also REQUIRED for at least one parent of each hockey player to attend their assigned Public Skate night. Not working your assigned Public Skate could result in your child being removed from the ice. So please make every effort to be there. 

The SRIHA Board has assigned the families with multiple children in our association to their respective Public Skate groups. 

Please check our website for assignments.  Go to your child's team page and scroll to the bottom of the website for assignments.  If you have multiple children please check each team your children are on to find the your public skate assignment.

MITE PARENTS: Please keep in mind that this is for Public Skate only and may not be the team your assigned to. 

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Thank You, 

Karen Dalin