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Volunteer Night for Open Skate Saturday March 16th

By Karen Dalin, 03/09/19, 10:00PM EST


Salmon River Families:

Thank you everyone who made this seasons open skate a success!! We had a great time making memories with our teams and friendships that will last a lifetime!

    I know some families were not able to fulfill their open skate obligations this season due to illness, work, family life or just plain forgot.  Well this is your chance to redeem yourself. Next Saturday, March 16th is volunteer night and the LAST OPEN SKATE FOR THE 2018-2019 SEASON!!

  Each team rep has been keeping track of your attendance, but we all know if we missed an open skate or a few. Please volunteer to end the season on a good note! It will be fun and a great opportunity to meet some new people, since it will not be with your team.  My family will be there!! We will need an ice volunteer too!!

Please consider:

Volunteering to help out at VOLUNTEER NIGHT at OPEN SKATE! 

 If you are able to attend, please let your team rep know.  Then they will let me know! Can't wait to see the turn out!! 

Kindest regards,
Karen Dalin &
The Salmon River Board of Directors